Happy, Happy Hogmanay


My arms are open wide just like Christo Redentor to receive everything ’14 has in store for me! I hope your Hogmany celebration was as epic as your next 365 days will be. The celebration of Hogmany is the start of the New Year’s eve and usually lasts till Jan. 2nd according to the Scot tradition. New Year’s day is my favorite day of the year as I love to take a stroll and let the past year roll off me. In order to feel great, I usher in the New Year with a yoga celebration at Yoga to the People from 11:30p.m-12:30 a.m. Instead of clinking my beloved glass of champers and huggy kiss with friends and lovers, I am thankful to be in down dog at the stroke of midnight.  On my walk home, I adore watching all the revelers stumbling about in mini skirts and bare legs trying to find a cab. At this point, I am grateful to have switched up or hacked my NYE celebration from partying to playing.

In the spirit of change….what routine, thought, outfit, look, idea will you hack in 2014? I wanna hear your thoughts. The action starts right here so “discuss!”

All my best to you for a bold, bright and brilliant NEW YEAR!.

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