The Art of Après

Mersur (The Lowri)

Meet the Lowri, from my new clothing line – MERSUR. Lowri is chic and sophisticated as you can see, however she likes the effortless ease of throwing on a kimono over her swimsuit. If the mood strikes, she may even answer the door in her Mersur or slip it on for après; work, swim, surf or beach. Mersur girls are well versed in the art of après. She understands any activity, work or play, can be celebrated by “après”. Here are my favorite ways to après.

Après Work… Meet your best girlfriend and take a walk after work. Blow off some steam by gossiping about the day and letting it all go. Go to your favorite café and have a kiki. Toast with a glass of champers. Smile, the day is over. Let the night begin!

Après Surf… Whether you shred the gnar alone or with someone, post-surfing is serious business. Meet outside the board room for some delicious homemade food. Chances are you will be a combination of stoked and starving. My fave post surfing meal is a full english breakfast!

Après Beach… Your skin will be glowing and gorgeous but underneath it’s saying, “water me, PUL-leeeze”. Break out your crystal and pour your self a glass of sparking water. I love Pellegrino, since I live in Italian! Cut a lime wedge(y) and squeeze. Next, draw a bubble bath and be sure to add some salt (kosher) and a little EVOO. Indulge for 10-15 mins and don’t dare rinse. Towel off and moisturize with your and favorite lotions & potions… and slip on a MERSUR.

Let me know your favorite après activity. Leave a comment below or email me at or tweet me @sarahsurley

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